Camera FTP Server

Welcome to the Camera FTP Server Home Page

The project is designed to allow Nikon D2H users who also own the Wireless Transmitters (WT-1A) to have a simple server software package to upload their files. As such an owner I designed this software around my needs, which may be your needs as well.

At this point the project is available.

The project is written for Windows 32-bit flavors. I'd be interested in people who have other flavors than I do for their concerns when running the program.

The software offers the following features:

  • Overwrite Protection
  • Ability to re-number the files during the upload
  • Ability to use your own file prefix (replacing the DSC_) during the upload
  • Logging of Upload Activity by user connected
  • Up to 10 camera's connected at once (10 users stored also)
  • Passive and Active connections
  • Variable Server Port Assignments
  • Ability to sort the files into different folders for JPEGS and RAW during the upload
  • Ability to sort the files into unique folders when a corresponding WAV file is received during the upload
  • Ability to forward received files to a valid windows drive and path (including networks) during the upload
  • Connection Monitoring
  • Warnings about shutting the server down while connections are active
  • Ability to masquerade as a different server (for use behind a NAT)

    Please note that any downloaded version is offered as shareware with limited usage. The limits are as follows:

  • One user stored, and one user connected
  • A server pause (requiring user input) after each 50 files have been received
  • No File forwarding to a valid windows path
  • No ability to adjust the server ports or settings, including masquerading

    Sorry but I know this software is easy to use and very stable so I think the $20.00 shareware fee I am asking is quite reasonable.

    Click on ther version number for reported bugs, work arounds and fixes

    The current version for the software is Version 1.5.0

    An older version for the software is Version 1.2.0

    An older version for the software is Version 1.1.0

    An older version for the software is Version 1.0.0


    Version 1.5.0 adds a few features like adding users on the fly (no need to shut down).

    I have reported a problem to Nikon. It appears that the D2H and WT-1A submits a PORT command to the server that is NOT VALID. This has caused my software AND other server software to have problems. The current work around for this problem is to select passive mode on your WT-1A configuration. If I hear back from Nikon on this I will post their reply.

    Please note that this software has ONLY been tested with the WT-1A (to date). The WT-2 and WT-3 transmitters have not been made available to me for testing (as of yet). Please also note that the only cameras that have been tested so far with the WT-1A are the D2h and D2x. The "s" versions of these camera's along with the D200/WT-3 combination have also not been made available for testing.

    Click here to get the software

    Coming soon....Upgrade Plans for the software